Fast Facts about Dentures

Around 45 million people in the US currently wear full or partial dentures. For many, losing teeth can be a huge blow to self-esteem, and can impact the health of remaining teeth. Modern dentures are a fast and easy way to restore appearance, and make it easier to eat and speak. The following facts about dentures will help you learn a little more about this popular method of tooth replacement.

Fact: Denture Wearers Need to See Dentists Regularly
It is important to visit your dentist in Weston at regular intervals, even if you have lost all your teeth. During these visits your dentist will examine your mouth to make sure your gums are healthy, and can carry out an oral cancer screening. In addition, they’ll check the condition of your dentures to make sure they still fit properly.

Fact: Never Repair Your Own Dentures
If your denture cracks or breaks it might be easy to think you can repair it yourself using household glue. These glues will damage your denture, making it more difficult or impossible to mend properly, and the repairs will not last. Many types of glue are toxic. Always contact your dentist to have the denture professionally mended.

Fact: Dentures Make Eating and Speaking Easier
Anyone missing teeth will know it’s more difficult to eat and chew food properly, and talking can be tricky. Often people without teeth will limit their social interactions with others. Dentures make it easy to eat and speak normally and they support the cheeks and lips, giving a more youthful appearance.

Fact: Taking Care of Your Dentures Will Make Them Last Longer
Even though your dentures are an artificial appliance, you still need to take care of them. They should be thoroughly brushed and cleaned each day to keep them fresh and free from plaque and food debris. Store them in clean water or a soaking solution when they aren’t being used. Bring your dentures with you to every dental appointment. Your denture dentist in Weston will check they fit correctly and can make any minor adjustments.