How to Beat Bad Breath

As early as 1550 BC, papyrus scrolls show that Hippocrates, the Greek physician viewed as the father of modern medicine, offered rinsing with a mouthwash of red wine, anise, and dill to produce sweet-smelling breath. An estimated 93 million Americans suffer from chronic bad breath, also called halitosis. Though bad breath won’t compromise your wellbeing, it can wreck your social life.

The following tactics can help you enjoy fresh breath:

Remember your tongue
Many people don’t realize that our tongues have millions of filaments that can trap food particles and bacteria, which may lead to bad breath. Along with brushing and flossing, make sure to clean your tongue with either a toothbrush or tongue scarper.

Keep sugarless gum handy
Saliva provides excellent defense against halitosis, and chewing sugarless gum encourages adequate saliva flow.

Try cinnamon
Though mint will help cover bad breath, a recent study suggests that cinnamon may reduce the bacteria that produce halitosis, so your breath will smell better.

Watch your diet
If you struggle with bad breath, avoid foods that can trigger mouth odor, such as coffee, alcohol, onions, and garlic. Certain diet plans, like Atkins, can create an unpleasant side effect from ketosis, the fat-burning state that occurs with this type of diet. Increasing your carb intake will help in this case.

Stay hydrated
Water helps wash away odor-causing bacteria. It also keeps your mouth moist, which prevents dry mouth, another issue that can lead to halitosis.

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