What is Dental Contouring?

In this day of advanced technologies and cutting edge dental work, there’s no reason to go through life unhappy with your smile. There are many ways that your dentist can repair imperfections and give you a beautiful smile, but there is one simple method that may provide the quickest and least painful results of all. It’s called dental contouring, which is basically reshaping a tooth or multiple teeth to create a more attractive smile.

Contouring is perfect for people who have minor imperfections with their smile that they’d like to improve upon. The defect making you unhappy might be small tooth chips, minor teeth overlaps, overly pointy cuspids, or irregularly shaped teeth. It may surprise you how much your appearance can improve from just altering these types of minimal defects through contouring.

The benefits of dental contouring are clear. Subtle changes to your teeth create enough improvement to your smile to really boost your self-confidence, without going to the expense or hassle of major dental reconstruction. Contouring is painless, requiring no anesthesia. Only the surface enamel of your tooth is removed, so there is no discomfort involved. Also, your oral health can improve because the removal of imperfections like chips and overlaps often take away strongholds for plaque and decay to build up. Your risks for gum disease and tooth decay will likely decrease.

One thing to remember is that dental contouring only repairs slight imperfections, so another option such as veneers might be recommended if you’re seeking a major change. With contouring, there is some risk of tooth damage if too much enamel is removed. This can lead to tooth sensitivity and increased risk for breakage, but these complications rarely occur when contouring is performing by a qualified dentist. Your dentist can determine if you are a good candidate for contouring based on the condition of your teeth and gums, as some problems can make other dental repair options more ideal. See your dentist to ask if dental contouring may be the solution to achieving the smile you’ve always wanted.


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