How to Achieve a Beautiful Smile

Many people look at movie stars or other celebrities and admire their picture-perfect images, including their stunning smiles. You don’t have to be rich or famous to enjoy lasting radiance. Following these simple tips will help you have a gorgeous appearance to proudly share with the world.

Practice good home care
Brushing and flossing will remove bacteria and help prevent dental health issues like cavities and gum disease.

Schedule professional cleanings and dental exams
By visiting the dentist twice a year, you will keep your smile healthy and bright. These appointments allow the hygienist to remove stains and tartar. At the same time, your dentist can evaluate your mouth and make sure you don’t have any problems.

Consider cosmetic enhancements
If you have stains, chips, or other imperfections, modern cosmetic dentistry can remove these flaws and give you renewed beauty. Teeth whitening, cosmetic bonding, and porcelain veneers can produce amazing results.

Eat right
A healthy diet impacts your whole body, which includes your teeth, gums, and lips. Choose a variety of foods that promote overall wellness, like leafy vegetable, crunchy fruits, dairy for calcium, and lean meat as a good source of protein.

Take care of your lips
An important part of your whole smile is your lips. Keep them moist and in good condition by applying lip balm or moisturizer. To protect against skin cancer, use sun block regularly.

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Choose Invisalign for a Straighter Smile

If you think orthodontic treatment is just for kids, think again. Straighter teeth can enhance your smile and improve dental health. Many adults reject the idea of treatment because of the discomfort and embarrassment associated with metal orthodontia. A revolutionary system called Invisalign can transform your smile without hindering your polished image.

How does Invisalign work?
Constructed from a clear, plastic material, Invisalign uses a series of custom aligners to gently move your teeth into the desired position. Just wear each aligner as directed by your dentist and then move on to the next one in the series.

How long does treatment take?
The exact length of time depends on each individual’s case. Usually, patients wear the aligners for 9 to 18 months, a shorter time frame than traditional braces.

What is the process with Invisalign?
For the first step, you will schedule a consultation appointment with the orthodontist so that your doctor can perform a thorough exam and determine if Invisalign is a good option. After the assessment, your dentist will take pictures of your mouth and then create a custom treatment plan using 3-D technology. Your dentist will then send the information to an Invisalign-certified lab so that skilled technicians can produce your full set of custom aligners.

How soon will Invisalign start to work?
For optimal results, wear the aligners about 22 hours a day and take them out only if you need to eat, brush, or on special occasions. Your dentist will check your progress at scheduled visits every four to six weeks and let you know how treatment is going.

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The 411 on Zoom! Whitening

A bold, brilliant smile allows you to project an air of confidence to the people you meet. Over time, your teeth can look dull or discolored from foods you eat, the aging process, and lifestyle choices. With professional teeth whitening, your dentist can erase stains and brighten your pearly whites up to 10 shades. One product, Zoom! Whitening, quickly and easily turns up the wattage on your smile.

Am I candidate for Zoom! Whitening?
If you would like remove discolorations and whiten your smile, you should consider Zoom! Whitening. This process will penetrate stains and give you a more youthful glow. Individuals with intrinsic stains caused by medication or fluorosis may need to look at a different option, such as porcelain veneers, because these discolorations may not respond well to the whitening process.

What is Zoom! Whitening?
An advanced system, Zoom! Whitening combines a patented whitening gel with an ultraviolet light to produce stunning results. You will leave your dentist’s office with a fabulous smile.

How long does Zoom! Whitening take?
The entire session happens in one appointment. First, the dental team will prepare your mouth by protecting your lips and gums. Then, the dentist will apply the bleaching solution and activate it with the special light; this procedure is performed three times, which takes about 20 minutes each time.

Will my results last?
To protect your new smile, stay away from foods and beverages that stain, keep up good home care, and see your dentist for regular checkups. You may need touch-ups every now and then so some dental offices will provide take-home trays so that you can keep your teeth looking great.

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What do Rubber Bands Do?

If your orthodontist has told you that you need to wear rubber bands as part of your treatment, no need to panic! Many braces patients before you have worn them and lived through it. Maybe if you understand the reasons that rubber bands can help you achieve a beautiful smile, it will be easier for you to wear them faithfully. Let’s learn more about the reasons and benefits of wearing your elastics.

The brackets and wires of your braces align your teeth, but rubber bands are used to move your bite into correct alignment. The tension of the elastic creates pressure on the bracket that it’s attached to, and can correct an overbite or underbite. The phase of treatment to correct your bite is often the longest part of the process, but using rubber bands will hasten the movement of your jaw.

Following directions
Be sure to follow your orthodontist’s instructions completely. Failing to wear them as directed can lengthen your treatment time and may negatively affect your results. Your full cooperation in wearing the rubber bands will create the best outcome in the least amount of time.

Getting used to rubber bands
It takes a few days to get used to putting in your rubber bands, but after some practice it becomes simple. It’s normal for your teeth and jaws to be sore for the first week or less of wearing elastics, but the best way to decrease that time is to wear them faithfully. If you wear them intermittently, your mouth will be constantly sore because they don’t have a chance to get used to the extra pressure.

Some orthodontists require you to wear rubber bands while eating, and others don’t. Most patients are required to wear the elastics while sleeping. Just make sure you follow your doctor’s treatment plan specific to you. Wear your rubber bands if you play sports, unless you are wearing a mouth guard. Finally, continue to practice good oral hygiene as your orthodontist has instructed.

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