What Causes Canker Sores and How Are They Treated?

Canker sores begin with a tingling sensation and develop into small shallow ulcers on the inside of the mouth. Particularly severe attacks can be accompanied by fever and a general feeling of being unwell. It’s not known exactly what causes canker sores, but it’s thought they could be linked to stress, or injury to the soft tissues of the mouth. Sometimes certain foods may trigger an attack, particularly those that are spicy or acidic. Canker sores can also be caused by a dental appliance that has a sharp edge, or even a sharp broken tooth.

It’s possible for certain types of canker sores to be caused by an underlying health condition, for example having an impaired immune system or through being deficient in certain vitamins. People with celiac disease and Crohn’s disease may also be more prone towards developing canker sores.

Canker sores generally heal up without having any treatment. However if your canker sores are particularly persistent your dentist may prescribe medication to help reduce the pain, or a corticosteroid ointment or antimicrobial month rinse. Laser treatment can be helpful in reducing the severity of canker sores, but can only be used when the area first starts to tingle, before the sores have developed. It might also be worth trying to identify anything that might trigger an outbreak. It can help to:

  1. Visit your dentist to check you don’t have any sharp edges on your teeth and that any dental appliances are fitting properly.
  2. Avoid foods that might be irritating your mouth, in particular spicy foods and acidic fruits and vegetables.
  3. Brush your teeth after each meal as this can help remove particles of foods that could trigger an attack.
  4. Avoid chewing gum in case this irritates the inside of your mouth.

You should always contact your dentist if the sores last for longer than three weeks, if they seem to be spreading, or are causing a lot of pain.


Dr. Thanos is a general dentist in Weston Florida

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Selecting a Provider for your Dental Veneers

Teeth that are causing you embarrassment because they are damaged or misaligned can be hidden with the help of dental veneers. Discolorations, chips, cracks, breaks, gaps, and other issues are covered by thin porcelain shells. These veneers allow you to keep your natural teeth, yet display a brand new beautiful smile on top of them.

Not all dentists offer veneers as one of their services. Some general dentists do provide veneers to their patients, and cosmetic dentists are guaranteed to have veneers among their list of options. When you are looking for a dental professional for veneers, the first question to ask is whether they offer them and have experience in this type of restoration.

There are a number of good ways to locate a dentist to do your veneers. If you have one, ask your general dentist for references. Also ask coworkers, family, and friends for recommendations. You may be surprised how many people you know who have experience with veneers, since many times you can’t even tell when people have them. Personal reviews about dental care are often the best way to find someone you trust.

You can also look online for dental offices in your area that provide veneers. Find options that are convenient for you, and then schedule a consultation appointment. This way you can find out for yourself if you are comfortable with the staff, facilities, and the quality of the work performed there. Ask to see before and after photos of veneers provided to other patients. Ask all of the questions you have before making your decision about which dentist to use. That way you can feel confident and excited about improving your smile with veneers.


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Things to Consider about Cosmetic Dentistry

Dental care that focuses on the appearance of your smile more than its function or other issues is called cosmetic dentistry. It is a specialty area within dentistry in which certain cosmetic services are offered and performed on a regular basis. There are some things to consider when you are deciding upon a cosmetic dentist to help you achieve the goals you have for your smile.

Your dentist should be qualified to perform all of the various services that fall under the category of cosmetic dentistry. The dentist’s education and qualifications should be available to you to learn about in the office, and don’t hesitate to ask details about any procedures you might have done. Advanced knowledge about cosmetic dental treatments is very important in making sure that you will receive quality work.

Your results are not only dependent on the dentist’s skills, but also on how much experience the dentist has in completing the procedures you receive. Experienced dentists are able to perform dental work effectively and efficiently, to give you optimum results with the least amount of time and discomfort.

Choose a dentist who can handle a wide variety of issues without having to refer you to other specialists. A good cosmetic dentist can be expected to perform many types of treatments and procedures, from the simple to the most complex.

Customer service is a key part of having a successful dental practice. Find a practice in which the staff is friendly and accommodating, making you feel comfortable and confident while you are there. You should feel like the staff spends the necessary time with you explaining issues, procedures, and answering your questions. Also, make sure you are content with the facility itself. It should be clean, well-equipped, and professional but also inviting for patients.


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Getting the Most Out of a Family Dentist

Every family is different, and it’s possible to have a variety of age groups and oral health needs within one household. Children may eat too much sugar, adults may develop gum disease, and seniors can experience tooth loss. These are just a few examples of the types of care that may come up in one family, and it is ideal for each person to be able to seek treatment from a single dental professional.

That’s where the benefits of establishing a healthcare relationship with a family dentist come in. A family dentist treats children and adults of all ages, and everyone can receive treatment at a single dental office. Many family dentists are trained and experienced in all kinds of oral health care including cleanings, fillings, root canal treatment, implants, veneers, extractions, and more.

Another advantage of having a single dentist and staff for the whole family is that it assists in effective communications. It is easier to establish a relationship with the office when more than one family member visits there. Everyone knows where the office is and there’s no confusion on who is going where when it’s time for a checkup. Family members can develop a comfort level with the dentist, and the dentist will get to know each of you and your individual oral health concerns and needs.

Family dentists are helpful at times of dental emergencies too. Most practices have procedures in place for emergencies, and it is simpler when every family member knows where to go for care during times of stress or hurry.

Consider finding a family dentist who can meet the needs of everyone in your home. It can make the difference in better oral health when you have a regular dentist to treat everyone in your family.


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