A Smile Makeover to Straighten your Teeth

A mouthful of crooked or misaligned teeth can make you very self-conscious and hesitant to show your smile. Did you know there are several different options for straightening your teeth with a smile makeover? There’s no reason to stick with an embarrassing smile when you can transform it with the help of a cosmetic dentist in Weston Florida.

Traditional braces
The most well-known method for teeth straightening is traditional metal braces, using brackets and wires to move the teeth or jaw into better position. You must visit your dental professional regularly for adjustments, and they are often worn for a couple of years. Braces are an effective way to improve your smile, although some patients complain about the diet restrictions, discomfort, and noticeable appearance during treatment.

To combat the common complaints about traditional braces, Invisalign clear plastic aligners have been developed to straighten teeth. These consist of invisible trays worn over the teeth that are removed for eating and brushing. Invisalign eliminates the hassles of changing your diet, worrying about food stuck in your braces, and embarrassing metal in your smile.

Tooth reshaping
Minor adjustments to your smile can be made with gentle abrasion and polishing of teeth that are misaligned. It is a quick procedure, usually done in one office visit. Reshaping is sometimes combined with bonding, which involves applying composite resin to the tooth and sculpting it to look nice in your smile.

Veneers and crowns
Sometimes called “instant orthodontics”, veneers and crowns can quickly improve your smile. Veneers are thin porcelain or ceramic shells placed on the fronts of your teeth to hide various problems. Crowns are placed over damaged or unsightly teeth to restore the tooth’s function and appearance. Both of these options can reshape crooked teeth and fill in gaps in your smile.

Jaw reconstruction
If your crooked teeth are related to the shape or position of your jaw, surgery may be required to correct the issues. This is an invasive procedure done to straighten teeth, but may be the best solution in certain cases.

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Tips for a Whiter Smile

It is easy to become embarrassed or ashamed of your smile if it is dull, yellowed, or stained. Going through life feeling like that is not necessary, as there are many ways to improve the appearance of your smile. A beautiful, bright set of pearly whites is possible if you try some of these tips.

  • Before beginning any whitening regimen, schedule a checkup with your dentist for a professional cleaning and to make sure there are no issues that need to be addressed. You may want to work together to come up with a good whitening plan for your specific smile.
  • Ask your dentist for recommendations about the best whitening toothpastes available. There are many choices, including some that feature lower sensitivity, both over-the-counter or through your dentist.
  • Teeth whitening strips have shown good results if used correctly. If you use them for too long, you may experience sensitivity. Follow the directions carefully.
  • Try rinsing your mouth with coconut oil. Wait ten minutes and then brush normally, and your teeth should begin to look whiter after a few days of use.
  • Gently rubbing hydrogen peroxide on the fronts of your teeth with a soft cloth can lighten stains, as well as scrub them away with the cloth.
  • Avoid consuming dark colored foods and drinks. Beverages like red wine, coffee, tea, and soda can cause stains with regular exposure. If you do have a dark colored item, rinse your mouth with water afterwards to help eliminate residue.
  • Maintain a thorough and consistent oral hygiene routine. Strive to brush after every meal so that food debris doesn’t attach to your teeth and promote stains.
  • Also, bacteria and plaque on your teeth can weaken them and make them more prone to discoloration or damage.

These are just a few tips for maintaining a brighter smile and boosting your self-confidence. Don’t forget to ask your dentist about whitening options available and the best ways to improve your smile.

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Brighten Your Smile with Cosmetic Dentistry

Perhaps you were born with yellow or gray teeth, or perhaps other factors have caused your smile to lose its shine. Discoloration of your teeth can be caused by a variety of factors including:

• Smoking or chewing tobacco
• Drinking red wine, coffee, or tea
• Eating pigment intense foods like berries
• Trauma to the tooth
• Excessive fluoride
• Aging

Cosmetic dentistry offers several options to correct these problems and restore your teeth to their whitest and brightest.

Professional teeth whitening is a process that treats surface stains, can completed in a minimal amount of time and can result in lightening your teeth as much as ten shades. With careful maintenance, the results of professional tooth whitening can last one or more years. Using a whitening toothpaste, avoiding staining foods and beverages, and refraining from tobacco usage will extend the life of your professional whitening treatment.

Dental veneers are another cosmetic dentistry option for treating discolored teeth. With veneers, the tooth surfaces are roughened and then a thin porcelain or composite veneer is bonded to the surface of your teeth. Veneers are a good choice for teeth with internal stains that are resistant to whitening. With proper care, veneers can last as long as ten years.

Composite bonding is a treatment that utilizes a tooth-colored bonding material to cover the surface of a discolored tooth matching it to the color of the surrounding teeth. This option is especially good for individual teeth that have changed color due to trauma or damage.

Thanks to cosmetic dentistry, you no longer need to suffer from a dark, dingy smile. Consult with a qualified cosmetic dentist to found out more about how cosmetic dentistry can help restore your bright, beautiful smile.

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What are Composite Veneers?

Dental veneers are used to correct a wide array of problems including teeth that are chipped or discolored, gaps between teeth, or short teeth that you would like lengthened. If you are looking to correct any of these dental issues, one option you may want to consider is composite veneers. While veneers of the past may have had a less appealing appearance, the composite materials used for dental veneers today create a lovely, life-like look that can last for many years.

Unlike porcelain veneers, the placement of composite veneers does not require any alteration of the tooth structure. This means the veneers can be removed or replaced as needed, which is a great benefit of composite veneers. To place composite veneers, your dental professional will apply thin layers of tooth-colored resin directly to the tooth and sculpt it to achieve the desired look. The resin is then set using a special blue light. With proper care, composite veneers should last three to five years and could last as long as ten years.

Composite veneers are used to fix dental problems such as chipping or discoloration of the natural tooth. They are also used to create the appearance of straighter teeth when there are small misalignments of teeth. Because the veneer is shaped directly to the tooth, it is vitally important to find a dental professional who is experienced in the art of applying composite veneers. When placed correctly, composite veneers should blend seamlessly with your natural teeth. Direct composite veneers can be placed and sculpted in one office visit, meaning they will quickly and easily return your smile to its natural beauty.



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