Tips From Your Family Dentist: Take the Anxiety Out of Dental Visits

We all know we need to visit our family dentist at least twice a year for checkups and professional cleanings. These visits may also result in the need to return for procedures to address dental problems. Unfortunately, many people delay or completely avoid routine dental care due to the anxiety a trip to the dentist can induce. However, delaying necessary oral care will only cause your dental issues to worsen, making them harder to treat. A trip to your family dentist does not need to be stressful. Follow these tips to help ease your nerves and ensure a smooth dental visit:

Focus on the end result of your dental visit. If you are suffering from a toothache, keep in mind your dentist’s goal is to alleviate that pain. If your teeth look dingy, a professional cleaning will allow you to walk out with an improved smile.

Take excellent care of your teeth at home. Following a strict oral care regimen means you will have fewer problems that need to be addressed by your family dentist. Eat a healthy diet, and brush and floss regularly to avoid cavities, plaque, and stained teeth.

Be an informed patient. Prior to any procedure, read up on what to expect. Taking the mystery out of the equation will lessen the anxiety factor and allow you to relax.

Talk to Weston FL family dentist Dr. Thanos about amenities they offer to help you relax and feel comfortable during your time in the dental chair. Many dentists offer music or videos in the exam room, warm towels, and comfortable pillows. If you have higher levels of anxiety, you may want to discuss the types of sedation dental options available.

In cooperation with your family dentist, you should be able to relax and undergo necessary dental care in the most comfortable way possible. With a little preparation, a positive mindset, and assistance from your family dentist, you can keep your smile healthy and beautiful.

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Making Sure Your Dental Veneers Look Natural

If you’re about to make the investment in dental veneers, you should be absolutely certain that you’re choosing the right dental veneer type, color and shape for you. Choosing the wrong veneer can make your smile look artificial and off-putting. Before you begin your dental veneer treatment, consider these issues:

Choose the right cosmetic dentist. Do some investigating. See online reviews of this dentist. If possible, get a personal recommendation from a trusted friend, coworker or family member. Be certain to look at before and after photos of work the dentist has done personally, not just stock photos that are similar to work done. You want to see actual work performed by the dentist.

Choose the best shaped veneer for you. Veneers that are too thick appear bulky or puffy on top of your natural teeth. This can look very fake or even comical. Veneers that are too long can make you look “horsey,” but veneers that are too short can age you prematurely. A skilled cosmetic dentist will know exactly what length and thickness will flatter your face.

Choose the best color for your skin, hair and lips, not just the lightest color available to you. Veneers that are overly white or too shiny look fake. Avoid them.

Choose the best material for your dental veneers. Some materials have a greater level of translucency and will look more natural. Some materials are better suited to front teeth or to back teeth. Your dentist will know which is the best choice for you.

If you work together with your dentist as you consider dental veneers, you can ensure that they look as natural as possible and give you the smile you’ve always wanted.


Dr. Thanos is a cosmetic dentist in Weston Florida

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Common Services Offered by Your Family Dentist

Your family dentist can perform all of the tasks most other dentists are able to do, and these procedures can be done for your entire family. Family dentists offer family-friendly services such as block appointments, enabling members of your family to be seen back-to-back, or possibly congruently, saving you time and aggravation.

Family dentists are able to perform all routine cleanings, checkups, x-rays and preventative care. Family dentists have a trained dental staff that will take care of you and each of your family members.

Your family dentist will also offer dental restorative services such as dental bridges, dental crowns or tooth-colored fillings. Tooth extractions, root canal treatments, and dental implants can all be performed by your trained family dentist. Cosmetic services such as dental veneers and tooth whitening are also available.

Your family dentist has a relationship with you and your family members that is meant to last a lifetime. With this kind of information about your family’s patient history, your family dentist can make the best choices, each time, regarding the right treatment for each particular case.

Sedation dentistry may be available at your family dentist. If you are experiencing anxiety or fear regarding an upcoming appointment, your family dentist can help you. Even children can benefit from sedation dentistry, allowing for the safest, most comfortable treatment.

Your family dentist has a host of services available to you and your family. Consult with Weston family dentist Dr. Thanos to see what can be done for you and those you love so that you all meet your smile goals.

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Talking to Your Teen About Teeth Whitening

Most adults feel the pressure to have a bright, healthy smile. The entire field of cosmetic dentistry has been shaped around that desire. It isn’t just adults, however, who feel that desire to have a smile that stands out for all the good reasons. Many teens today have a similar desire, especially as they struggle with the self-confidence issues that the teenage years bring.

If your teen is struggling with self-esteem issues, or if you simply see a desire on the teen’s part to improve his or her smile, the fastest, easiest smile boost can come from teeth whitening. In a single visit to the dentist, your teen can begin enjoying significantly brighter teeth with expert teeth whitening.

If your teen wants to explore teeth whitening, begin by talking to your dentist. Your dentist will know if your teen’s teeth are in good shape for whitening, either at home or in the office. Teeth should be clean of food debris, bacteria and plaque, as dirty teeth do not respond evenly to whitening agents. Address any issues with decay or infection before beginning the whitening treatment.

Teens who want to whiten their teeth at home should know that at-home whitening treatments work significantly more slowly than professional whitening treatments. A recent study showed that three professional treatments lighten teeth the equivalent of more than two weeks of consistent at-home whitening.

Teens should be certain that they are following the directions of any at-home product exactly. Failure to use the products as directed can result in blotchy, uneven whitening results or irritation to the soft tissues of the mouth. The goal is to have a beautiful, bright smile and it can be accomplished through proper teeth whitening techniques.


Professional teeth whitening dentist in Weston Florida

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