What are Denture Relines?

denturesBone and tissue can change and shrink for a variety of reasons, including the following:

– Weight loss
– Bone loss in the lower or upper jaw
– Tooth loss
– Disease or illness
– Aging

In these cases, it may be necessary to visit your dentist for relining of loose or ill-fitting dentures caused by this shrinkage. Relining is a fairly simple process that can usually be completed in one day. The treatment involves taking an impression of your oral tissue inside your denture to provide a model. Additional material is fit to the tissue of your denture so it will better align with the changed condition of your gums. This type of chairside reline is quite effective with lasting results.

However, for a more accurate and longer lasting result, your dentist may recommend sending your dentures for a laboratory reline. This process involves curing the plastic of your denture in a laboratory, very much like your original denture was formed. While a laboratory reline will require you to be without your denture for a period, this method is considered the most accurate and durable.

Properly fitting dentures are important for a variety of reasons, such as:

  • Helping your dentures to feel secure and more comfortable
  • Keeping the gums and dental ridges healthy
  • Extending the life of your denture
  • Maintaining proper nutrition and general health

If you are currently experiencing ill-fitting or loose dentures, check with your dentist about the possibility of a denture reline to improve your overall dental health and comfort and to help your dentures achieve their fullest potential.
Denture Relining Weston FL

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Dental X-rays and You

dental-implants-1Just as with medical care, the field of dentistry has benefitted greatly from X-rays as a diagnostic tool. They can be helpful for a number of situations, such as dental implants, dentures, braces, root canal treatment, and other procedures. Also, X-rays are important when identifying the cause of symptoms like bleeding or pain. Dental X-rays provide advantages to patients of all ages.

Children and teenagers have unique dental needs that cause dentists to recommend the use of X-rays. They help determine the amount of space available in a child’s mouth to accommodate teeth as they develop and erupt. X-rays are extremely valuable in keeping track of wisdom teeth that might be impacted and causing problems with adjacent teeth. Dentists also may use X-rays to examine tooth decay that can’t be seen with a visual examination, especially between teeth.

Dental X-rays are often recommended for kids as they grow to watch the development of their teeth and jaws. Some dentists advise doing this yearly to prevent problems and predict treatment needs. Each child’s dentist will determine on a personalized basis whether an annual dental X-ray is advised for that child, since the requirements are dependent on things like the child’s health and past dental history.

Adults also benefit from the use of dental X-rays. Dentists use this tool to monitor bone loss in adult patients that could be related to age or gum disease. X-rays also identify damage or changes that may occur in the bone or tooth roots that are caused by infections. Adults with a history of oral health issues may be advised to have annual dental X-rays to closely monitor the problems. As with children, the dentist will be able to determine how often dental X-rays might be warranted in each individual adult patient to achieve optimum oral health.


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Simple Steps to Healthy Teeth

cosmetic-dentistry-5Look around and you’ll notice that products and advertisements for ways to improve your smile are flourishing in the United States. Everyone wants to have better looking teeth and a sparkling smile. You should see your dentist regularly for checkups and cleanings, but there are also things you should be doing at home to help both the appearance and health of your mouth. Here are some things to keep in mind as you seek a healthy smile.

Brush, brush, brush!
You should brush your teeth at least twice every day, no excuses! Some people complain that the flavor ruins the taste of foods or drinks later on, and others grumble about the time it takes. These reasons just aren’t good enough to sacrifice your oral health. Bacteria forms on your teeth overnight and should be removed. Brushing at bedtime eliminates food particles and cleans your mouth for the night ahead, when saliva is not helping keep your mouth clean.

Don’t forget to floss!
Flossing your teeth is few people’s favorite pastime, but it’s the best way to get between your teeth to remove debris and bacteria. Dentists recommend flossing at least once every day.

Fluoride is your friend!
Make sure your toothpaste contains fluoride, as it has been proven to be effective in preventing cavities. Also ask your dentist about whether your community provides fluoride in the drinking water, which is another way to get fluoride that helps protect your teeth from decay.

Your tongue can be nasty!
You may not have realized what an important role your tongue plays in your oral health. It collects bacteria and causes it to linger in your mouth, so brushing your tongue is a good way to eliminate even more bacteria than just brushing your teeth does. Also, cleaning your tongue helps with bad breath too.


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Factors to Consider When Choosing a Family Dentist in Weston FL











Finding the right dentist to care for the oral health needs of your entire family should involve more than just a quick search engine query. With so many dentists offering identical services, how will you know which one will provide your family with the exceptional care you deserve? The following are a list of factors to consider when choosing among family dentists who practice in your area:

  • The extent of their training is an important consideration when selecting a family dentist. While all dentists are required to graduate from dental school, look for a family dental professional who continues to pursue training through regular continuing education, so they are current with the latest trends and techniques in dentistry.
  • Can your family dentist accommodate all of the members of your family? A good family dental practice will offer a broad range of general and cosmetic dentistry services to treat all the members of your family in different stages of their oral health.
  • An ideal family dentist should have a good rapport with children, as well as offer pediatric dental services.
  • Is their family dental practice convenient to your family’s needs? Is the family dentist office located a convenient distance from your home or work? Do they provide hours of operation that are in sync with your busy schedules? A family dentist who is available where and when you need them will increase the likelihood of your family keeping appointments.
  • Search for a family dentist who offers the latest in dental technology in a pain-free, comfortable environment. A good family dentist will care for their patients, utilizing modern equipment and providing services such as sedation dentistry to help make your family’s experience as pleasant as possible.

Choosing the best family dentist in Weston FL is a major step in maintaining your family’s oral health. Therefore, it is of vital importance to take time and consider these factors when making a decision about the perfect family dentist.

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