Proactive Oral Care at Your Family Dentist

One of the most important components to a lifetime of good oral health is preventative care. Regularly scheduled checkups and cleanings are vital the dental health of your family. Your family dentist offers a wide array of preventative treatment options to proactively guard against tooth decay, disease and damage:

  • Fluoride treatments are available in a quick rinse application and help to protect your tooth enamel from acid and reverse the effects of decay.
  • Dental sealants are often recommended for children and teens. Sealants are “painted” on the teeth’s grooves and chewing surfaces that are hard to keep clean and protect them from plaque build-up that can ultimately cause tooth decay.
  • If members of your family participate in contact sports, custom mouth guards can be created to prevent injury to the teeth and mouth.
  • Likewise, if members of your family suffer from chronic teeth grinding, custom night guards can be fitted to protect the teeth from damage.
  • For family members who suffer from sleep apnea, dental appliances can be made to reposition the jaw and tongue allowing for unobstructed airflow while sleeping.
  • Advancements in computer technology allow your family dentist to identify and track potential areas of gum disease, allowing for earlier prevention and treatment.

Preventative dental care is a critical aspect of your family’s overall health. Taking advantage of the treatments and technologies provided by your family dentist is like taking out an insurance policy on their dental and general health. In cooperation with your family dentist, a schedule of regular oral hygiene and proactive care will ensure your family a lifetime of beautiful, healthy smiles.


Dr. Thanos is a family dentist in Weston, FL