Replace Silver Colored Amalgams with Tooth Colored Composite Fillings

Amalgams were the traditional filling of choice for many decades. These are inexpensive restorative material, hard wearing and frequently used for restoring the posterior teeth. Nowadays your dentist in your area is more likely to use tooth-colored composite resin fillings to restore smiles. These are slightly more expensive so at the end the choice is yours. However, many dentists will only place amalgam free restorations.

The issue with silver fillings is the way they weaken the structure of the natural tooth. The weakening of the tooth is due to the material expansion and contraction when coming in contact with extreme temperatures. Continual flexing may create microfractures, and the filling can crumble and leak over time. Besides that, there are concerns about the mercury content of amalgam fillings, a metal that can be toxic in huge amounts.

The other counterpart, which is Composite resin fillings can be closely matched to natural teeth, giving back the appearance of your smile. Composites are much better for teeth as less tooth structure needs to be drilled for their placement and the resin bonds to the natural tooth very strongly. Gone are the worrying of the material flexing or changing shape.

Placement of composite fillings is rather technique sensitive, and your dentist will thoroughly clean out the decay before completely drying the tooth. Next, they will gradually apply the filling material in tiny increments, curing it with a particular light. At last, the restoration will be shaped and polished and should be just about invisible.

Should you currently have older style silver-colored amalgam fillings, ask your dentist to evaluate their condition. Some people will choose to replace these fillings to improve their smile. Amalgam fillings typically can last up to 10 years before they begin to leak or fracture, so it’s possible yours could do with replacing.


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