Smile Makeover Steps

Improving your smile not only changes how others look at you and their impressions of you, but also alters how you feel about yourself. Smile makeovers have helped transform many people’s lives by simply using cosmetic dental treatments.

The first step is choosing a qualified cosmetic dentist who will see you through the entire process and give you the results you want. Ask friends and family for recommendations, and research the dentist before making your selection. Once you’ve made an appointment, you will have a thorough dental examination and be asked to provide a complete medical history. Some procedures should not be performed on patients with certain conditions like diabetes or heart disease, so it’s important to give the dentist all of your history.

A key step in the smile makeover process is telling the dentist what you would like to see changed about your smile. Maybe you would like to get rid of a gap, maybe your teeth have become yellowed over time, or maybe you hope to straighten your smile. All kinds of cosmetic dental treatments are available, and your dentist will be able to explain which ones might benefit you.

Most dentists take an impression of your teeth and bite so that imaging can be done to simulate changes that can be made for your smile. This also helps ensure that you understand the possible outcomes of any procedures and have realistic expectations for the end results.

If you will have teeth whitening treatment or have veneers made, your dentist will help you choose the ideal shade for your smile. Shade comparison methods or digital photography may be used to make sure your smile will look natural. Sometimes cosmetic dental procedures are very simple and painless, while others involve more extensive work or longer treatment time. Surgery is sometimes even required to achieve your smile makeover goals. Your dentist will help you through the entire process and help you decide what is best in your journey to a beautiful smile.


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